Michelle & Grant from Wild Wonderful World

Since leaving Johannesburg, our Cooper tyres have carried us more than 5600km, through desert, gravel and mud, trouble free. Along our route we have joined up with conservation initiatives in 4 different countries, picked up snares, saved animals and recovered illegally sourced bush meat and poaching equipment.

We have helped these teams apprehend numerous poachers and taken them to the authorities to face justice for their actions. The ones who escaped went home with no reward and missing all their equipment used while they illegally harvest meat from wild animals in protected areas, forcing them out of action at least for a short while.

We have seen that the problem is massive and there is lots of work still to be done and many more kilometres to travel. We feel confident that our impact will make difference and our Coopers tyres will be able to take us into these “off the beaten track” locations throughout Africa. Our next leg take us through Eastern Zambia and onwards towards the Great Rift Valley of Africa to Tanzania, the Serengeti and Grumeti where we will be joining up with the Grumeti Fund to help with human wildlife conflict mitigation and community education programs. Stand by for updates.

- Michelle & Grant from Wild Wonderful World