Elrico Koen

Hi, I am Elrico Koen from Elrico Motors, driving on Cooper Tyres since 2001 and have never used any better tyre.  My first set was 33/12.5R15 STT – what an awesome tyre.

I am very involved in the 4x4 fraternity and taking part in a lot of competitions and challenges.  Currently all my vehicles are on Cooper Tyres.

I was also the winner of the 2016 Cooper Dust Challenge final and the 2017 National final on Cooper Tyres, the latest vehicle being a Land Rover Discovery 3 on a set of 325/65R18 STT PRO (First in Country).  The challenges takes place in some of the harshest conditions possible – final was in Tankwa Karoo.  Not one puncture and running at extreme pressures at sometimes high speed.

Cooper Tyres has never let me down and it will always stay my tyre of choice. We also use Cooper Tyres on all our Project Vehicles.

Cooper Greetings Elrico Koen