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Contrary to popular belief, tyres are not designed to carry the weight of your vehicle; they're designed to hold air, which in turn, carries the weight of your vehicle. 


With this in mind, you'll notice a direct correlation between the maximum load capacity – printed on the side of your tyres – and the maximum air pressure the tyre can safely handle. More air pressure = More load capacity.


Naturally, the opposite is true, too. 


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This fact explains why under-inflation is so detrimental to a tyre because, as the air pressure drops, the vehicle's mass exceeds what the tyre can structurally handle; thus, permanent damage occurs.


However, under-inflation has several more negative effects aside from structural tyre damage.



Your vehicle's ability to corner quickly – or evasively swerve around an obstacle – depends entirely on the rigidity of your tyres, which is why racing/rally vehicles typically use low-profile tyres, or tyres with reinforced sidewalls. Stiffer sidewalls allow for sharper cornering. 



Once again, the opposite is true, too. Under-inflated tyres tend to flex, roll, or wallow through hard turns, so much so that your vehicle's roll-over risk significantly increases with under-inflation.



Under-inflated tyres have a larger contact area with the road; this added footprint leads to increased friction, heat build-up, accelerated tread wear, and higher fuel consumption.




As mentioned above, under-inflation is a leading cause of heat build-up. Once a tyre reaches dangerous temperature levels, the risk of a "blowout" – or the total disintegration of the tyre – radically increases. 


On that note, it's critically important to reduce your vehicle's speed – regardless of the terrain – if your tyres are under-inflated.



Under-inflated tyres will reduce your vehicle's steering response while negatively increasing its steering resistance.


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